Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

we only collect Name, Email and Website Address of user who use our website, only when they fill up and submit the comment form.

Media/ Images

for images having logo or watermark of our website, we hold the ownership of that pages, but for the images such are for reference or official notifications, we do not hold anything for them. they are only for reference of students.

Contact forms


if you leave a comment, you are asked for name, email and website, there is an opt-in feature to save that thing, if you opt for that, you data is saved for future and will be displayed to you while you use comment form again.

Content embedded from youtube or other websites

yes we do embed content, pdfs, youtube views from other websites so that we can serve better and provide best user experience to everyone.


Data Sharing

Data is only shared with the candidates for information purpose only.

Data Retention policy

Basically, we retain data published on our website for permanent basis. but if any wrong or uncertain thing happen, we remove the content and provide the notice to all the users who are using

Rights on the Data

All The Articles written on this website are produced by us by reference of different government and official website.

therefore, reproduction of articles written on this webportal are strictly prohibited. kindly check our disclaimer for more information.


you can always get in touch with us on

Additional information

Here, this is is not affiliated to CBSE or any other Government web portals. The Information Provided in the our website is completely for informational/ Educational Purpose only. We are not liable for any wrong information delivered to anyone using this website.

How we protect your data

We protect our data through DMCA. Each and Every page on this website is copyright content of reproduction of data is completely denied.

How We Collect the Data

We collect information from all official websites and help students to get the complete notification in very simplified manner.